Origin Of The World

Ordering the Cosmos

When the universe began, it existed without time or place. But it was not lifeless–the Eternal Ones already existed. These beings of immense power thrived in a vast expanse of chaos and energy.


The spirits wanted to attain greater order upon the universe, and needed the belief of many others to do so. Yet they did not possess the power to dream living beings into life, so they fashioned crude matter and breathed life into it instead. Thus, the mortal races were born.


When the Celestians captured Malach the Deceiver, they imprisoned him in a pocket dimension known as the Amber Depths. Before they could seal him away, however, Malach tried to escape. In the subsequent battle, he managed to hide a portion of his essence on Earth. After a year, this wandering piece of essence turned into a being known as Immortus.