Oracles is a 2-to-10-player team-oriented combat strategy game that combines augmented reality and conventional board game features..

Oracles—Fight for Victory in a Civil War

Designed to work with its exclusive and free AR mobile application, Oracles introduces a new dimension to board games. Players split into two teams, choose a leader on each side, and play with the goal of occupying the enemy’s tavern.

On their journey, players will encounter obstacles, mystery chests, dragons, sea monsters, and dark creatures, each presenting a unique and deadly challenge. Using the AR mobile app, the leader must guide other players through the dangers of the game and to victory.

We will provide a general overview of the game and its mechanics. Please stay tuned for additional information.


Oracles Mode

Each team chooses a leader, the Oracle, who gets to use the AR mobile app. In this mode, only the Oracle sees the AR elements through the app. The Oracle must guide his teammates past these obstacles. In addition, the Oracle will control two characters–“the Healer” and “the Messenger” — allowing them to distribute healing and health items.

Full Augmented Reality Mode

All players will see the augmented reality obstacles on the map through their mobile devices or by mirroring a mobile device to a larger screen.

In this mode, all players will have equal footing and will not need a leader to guide them.

No Augmented Reality mode

If for any reason players prefer not to use the augmented reality feature, the game comes with mystery chest tokens and a set of cards that can be used in accordance with the rulebook. In this mode, no mobile device is needed and choosing a leader is not mandatory.


All characters of a team will move at the same time by rolling dice equal to the number of characters active in the game. Each player can control one or more characters, and players within the team can exchange character dice in each turn to help their team out.

Since this is simultaneous, players do not have to wait their turn. Dice exchanges between team members add speed, strategy, and excitement to the game.


Players must work as a team in order to win; there are no individual victories. Therefore, it is very important that all team members co-operate and come up with a good strategy. Each team can win through:

Occupying The Enemy’s Tavern

A player character must pass all the obstacles and reach the enemy tavern. This will mark the end of the game.

Total Stars

The team leaders agree on the duration of playtime before the start of the session. At the end of that period, all teams total the stars (strength) of all their characters. The team with the highest number of stars wins.


The map shows the location for all characters and events in the game. Augmented reality characters will be visible on the map through the mobile application. The map itself is divided into squares to accommodate the characters’ movements and define their limitations. It also assists in the location mapping of augmented reality characters/obstacles.

Characters Abilities 

Each team controls 10 different characters, with each having a special ability to help their side during the struggle. At the start of the game, each character has a default number of hearts and stars. These numbers can change as they encounter obstacles and opportunities during the game.

Depending on their abilities, each character can move in a diagonal and/or orthogonal direction. The number of squares a character can move on each turn is determined by the individual dice roll for each character. Each resulting dice roll can be exchanged with other players on the same team.

If a character is injured during play, he or she can invoke the help of the Healer, who is controlled by the Oracle. They may also heal their character by visiting the Healer’s Lake.

Players can help each other by sending star potions or additional hearts using the Messenger. They can also travel to the Temple of Power to grow stronger.


As the players go through the journey, they must fight both the opposing team’s characters and the game’s creatures. Each character can also open mystery chests to receive stars or additional hearts.

During a fight, opposing sides roll red “battle dice”. The result of their roll will determine the winner. However, if one character is significantly stronger, the victory is predetermined without the need for battle dice. Characters grow stronger with each battle they win, and this will help them throughout the game.

Otherworldly Powers

In the game, there are two super-powered characters that can be added to a team ONLY during play.

A player can journey to the House of Light and gain the support of Augustus, the character with the highest strength score. Once the player defeats Stormcaller, the guardian of House of Light, they may control both Augustus and his dragon.

On the other hand, a character take a darker path by traveling to the Dark Tower to meet Immortus. Doing so will give them power and abilities beyond any other characters. To do so, they must first defeat Hellmaw, the defender of the Dark Tower. The winning player will then have control of both Immortus and his dragon.