Hunter & Aris


The Sword Masters are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Hunter & Aris

“Hunter and Aris are the first and only choice of the Holy Empire to fight with the Oracles. We know they will not betray us; once a paladin, always a paladin.” -Archbishop Orestes


As former Imperial Knights, Hunter and Aris are superb swordsmen who handle both blade, shield, and armor equally well. They could split a kernel of corn with a single stroke. Even a giant’s axe will find it difficult to get past their shield defenses before their swords can find their enemies’ hearts. It was this prodigious skill that led to the discovery by the Empire, who named the then young lads Oracles.

Hunter and Aris hail from one of the strongest fighting forces in Partan: The Galerian Paladins. A millennia-old military organization, these Imperial warriors possess enormous holy power, even as they hold true to the highest knightly ideals, or so they thought.

During the early days of the civil war, the two swordsmen and their fellow paladins were tasked to find and arrest members of the Solan clan, who were believed to be plotting against the Emperor. What they thought would be just a simple arrest, however, turned into a bloodbath when their fellow paladins tried to assassinate the clan leader’s entire family.

Hunter and Aris immediately arrested the assassin and protested to their commander. It was then they found that it was the Emperor himself that had ordered the mission, and they were to follow that directive. Hunter and Aris consequently resigned from the Paladins. Disillusioned by their Order, they took on a job as a militia men in a remote town, and spent most of their days crawling into a bottle.

Years later, they was approached by the Paladins for one final mission: to work with other Oracles for a final push to end the civil war. In exchange they would be granted anything they wanted.

Though reluctant to return, Hunter and Aris later saw their chance to reform their erstwhile organization and chose to accept. This was how they came to join the Oracles on their quest.