Quan & Kai


The Jumpers are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters


“What do you mean they’re right on top of me?” – Huron Captain Gruush, Last Words


Quan and Kai are former monks from the Hawkmoth Monastery of Jian Hi’an Province. Jian Hi’an is known for its warriors, archers, and artists. However, the Hawkmoth monks won great renown for their acrobatic fighting style, incorporating great leaps, twists, and tumbles to bewilder and outflank their enemy. Their motto: “Death comes swift, certain, from above.”

Quan and Kai were one of their most treasured disciples for their skills and purity of their spirit. Their jumping ability allowed them to travel over difficult terrain with great ease, and their skill with the bo staff was without peer. Day and night they would study teachings from scholarly texts. They grew so admired that there was even the talk of them becoming head abbott some day.

However, this changed when Quan and Kai announced that they would be leaving the monastery to join the civil war, a decision that left the monks aghast and betrayed. Their reasoning was that the monks should use their martial skills not simply to protect their temple but the rest of the nation. To sit on their butt and remain idle while watching the suffering of others would have violated their own tenets on selflessness.

Though the monks tried to dissuade them of this foolishness, they persisted and left home. They became soldiers, attempting to defend their people from invading clans. And though they managed to protect the lives of hundreds, they wounded up miserable. They realized that to protect lives, they had to take their opponents’ lives by killing scores of enemy soldiers.

Longing once more for a peaceful existence, they sought to join the other Oracles in a last effort to end the war quickly. They hope for nothing more than to rejoin their monk order and spend the rest of their years in tranquility, study, and training.