Alura & Callista


The Healers are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Alura & Callista

They can stitch flesh back together with
just their hands. They have reversed the effects of poison and brought men back from the rink of death. Pity that so few believe in them.


The beautiful Alura and Callista hail from the Avara Clan, a highly-religious folk who live in the Koloro Mountains. As children of a very rich noble family, they were well-educated and lived a sheltered life. It was all but expected that they would marry into another noble clan and disappear into a life of privilege.

It then came as a great shock to all when Alura and Callistta discovered they had the power to heal. Seeing this as a gift of the Spirits, they roamed the province, tending to the sick and wounded. Their family despaired that they were abandoning their duties as a noble. But even worse, they found themselves in conflict with their clan’s priests.

The clergy grew jealous of their power, for none of them held such abilities. They were angry that they could healed any who asked for it and drew the faithful away from their teachings. After Allura and Callista ignored their warnings to discontinue their actions, they arrested on charges of witchcraft. Despite the outcry, their powers were declared to come from dark forces that were trying to sway people from the church.

Alura  and Callista were brought to trial and were found guilty. Because of their noble blood, they were not executed; instead, they were forced into exile on pain of death for them and their family. Rather than bringing harm to their loved ones, they’d agreed.

Alura and Callista now wander the land where civil war rages, bringing hope and healing to whomever needs it. Yet they dream of one day returning to the Koloro Mountains and helping their people.

Alura and Callista joined the other Oracles in a bid to prevent any more bloodshed and needless death. Their ability allows them to heal even grievous wounds, stopping short of bringing the dead back to life. Pacifist by nature, Alura and Callista carry no weapons but their healing abilities make them the backbone of any adventure.