Argus & Volgar


The Giants are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Argus & Volgar

The thunder of their footsteps and the cries of terrified soldiers announce their arrival long before one can glimpse their battleaxes carving a swathe through an army.


As barbarians of the North, the Hurons are known for their battle prowess. Their berserks are feared throughout the realm for charging blindly into battle, slaying many without a care for their own wounds. Yet in terms of raw strength, none among them can compare to that of Argus and Volgar, giant beings feared even among their own tribe.

They were found in a circus. Even as young boys, they were already the size of fully-grown men. Their prodigious strength led them to be a sideshow attraction, yet they led difficult lives beneath a cruel master. The only one who showed them kindness was the lion tamer, who taught them how to read, write, and respect others.

It was only later when the circus troupe was attacked by a Huron raid did they discover their true identities. After slaughtering the rest of the circus, the Hurons found poor Argus and Volgar in chains. The chief looked upon their tattoos and said, “We have found the lost sons of our people.”

They soon learned that they had been stolen when very young from their own Huron tribe and sold into slavery. The Hurons welcomed them among their number and taught them the ways of their people. To their pride, It was not long before Argus and Volgar became full-fledged warriors.

It then came as an enormous shock to the Hurons, then, that instead of helping their tribe, Argus and Volgar left them to find a way to end the civil war. They had realized that the Huron’s agenda was the same as their own former slavers – to dominate everyone else. They wanted to fight for something else: to end slavery permanently.

Their physical prowess are their greatest assets; they are the strongest Oracles of their age. In battle, Argus and Volgar wield enormous double-bladed battleaxes, ones that can hack through half a dozen enemies with a single swing.