Azure & Claus


The Centaurs are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Azure & Claus

A swish of their long mains and tails, a flicker of silver hooves, and the Centaurs had vanished through the tall grass long before the arrows could find where they once stood.


For the longest time, Azure and Claus of the Volkar Clan knew only the tranquility of the Vinyir Forest and its surrounding plains. They and their fellow Centaurs lived by hunting and fur trade, and fought only to protect their borders from poachers. The Centaurs themselves had been training to become journeyman physicians, hoping to travel the land and fight plagues.

This was not meant to be. The civil war broke out and dashed their dreams. All of a sudden, the surrounding human clans needed resources and workers. Scores of trees were cut down to make siege engines, and many Centaurs were captured and turned into slaves.

For the first time in their history, the Centaurs found themselves at war – not merely to protect their lands but to ensure their freedom. The peace-loving Centaurs took up the lance and bow and fought with their people.

Sadly, it was not enough. Many Centaurs were taken over the years, and though their people fought to free them, the slavers returned to take more. They soon realized they had to either help end the war quickly, or find power strong enough to help their nation. Thus, despite their misgivings with other mortals, Azure and Claus joined the rest of the Oracles on their quest.

Like all Centaurs, They have the head, arms and torso of a man and the body of horse. Among the swiftest of the champions, they are capable of moving rapidly in any direction in order to outflank enemies. They are also just as deadly with the lance as they are with a bow.

They hope that they can find the quickest way to end their people’s suffering. They will stop at nothing and will willingly sacrifice themselves to make this happen.