Maira & Arta


The Archers are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Maira & Arta

An arrow flew from the shadowy boughs of the oak tree and found the heart of the bandit leader. Before his body hit the ground, two more buried themselves in the bodies of his guards. The remaining bandits charged, but none reached the tree alive.


From the beginning, the Twins had nothing but each other. Shin Chen and Mei Ling hailed from the Yaoguai, a dark-skinned sister race of the Jian Hai’an Clan. Born connected at the back, the two could not live normal lives and were abandoned by their superstitious parents at a monastery. The monks raised the children as best they could.

Eventually, a wandering magician stopped by on a pilgrimage, spied the two sisters sweeping the yard, and offered to separate them with his magic. The operation proved a success and the twin could live separate lives–but not independent ones. The magic still kept them bonded to each other–should one die, the other perishes as well.

Their encounter with magic led to their interest in the arcane. They left the monastery together in order to pursue studies in magic. From there, they turned to a life of crime.

Forming their own gang, the Iron Wolves, the Twins set up protection rackets and smuggling operations along the coastline of their province. Where it favored them, they also performed assassinations. They went to war with several existing gangs as well, proving their tenacity and cunning by defeating many.

But still, this was not enough for the Twins. They had always been keen on magic, and knowing that their weakness remains in that one life depends on the other, they seek a way to become truly independent. Thus they travel the land in search of a mage powerful enough to complete their separation.

In combat, the Twins are swift and skilled with knives. Their greatest power, however, comes from their skill with illusions. Many a time they have employed trickery to surprise and flank their foes by moving swiftly through the shadows.