The Light Dragon Of The East

Stormcaller is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


As its most powerful guardian, Stormcaller has been the bane of many an unworthy adventurer seeking to enter the Tower of Light. Some did not even commence battle–they simply left in fear and awe at the sight of so magnificent a creature.


When Augustus left the Spirit Realm for his mission on Partan, he sought to bring allies with him to help the forces against the Dark. One faithful friend answered his call: Auscharintharyx, the Dragon of Light. Or, as mortals call him, Stormcaller.

Stormcaller is an ancient wyrm, having existed in spirit form since the early days of Partan. He has lived a life free of care, called upon only once by the Light to participate in the All Souls War. He acquitted himself there quite well, often defeating armies of the Dark single-handedly. It was here where he met Augustus, and their friendship lasted well throughout the centuries. Stormcaller followed Augustus to Partan, and served as the guardian of the east way to the Tower of Light.

The dragon’s mission is to test the worthiness of every adventurer who comes seeking the power and wisdom of Augustus. Unlike Augustus himself, however, Stormcaller is dismissive of mortals, thinking them all as below his notice. That none have been able to defeat him so far only adds to his belief.


Stormcaller’s physical form is that of an enormous dragon, with eyes that glow with opalescent light. One look into these eyes will render those weak of will temporarily confused–they may flee in terror or forget what they were doing for a period of time. However, the dragon’s greatest weapon is a powerful breath made up of holy energy. This blast of light can turn even Black Armors to dust.

Narcissistic, Stormcaller is proud of his strength, which allows him to smash through castle walls with ease. Unfortunately, he is also prodigiously lazy, and will not stir from his cave without the promise of treasure to add to his hoard. He will only move on Augustus’s word, or if the Tower of Light itself faces an intruder, or if adventurers prevail upon him to demonstrate his abilities. The dragon hates beings of the Dark, however, and will attack them on sight.