The Dark Forest Dragon

Hellmaw is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


The warriors of Clan Bluestar numbered 20,000 strong when they entered the Dark Forest; only ten remained by the time Hellmaw was done with them.


Since immemorial time, the dragons were the most feared beasts in Partan, and rightfully so. None can claim to be as fierce and as dangerous as one of the great Wyrms. Meanwhile over couple centuries, they began to diminish in numbers as they were hunted down and killed. Only a few now remain. Unfortunately, among them is the largest and most dangerous in all of history.

Hellmaw Felwing, known as the Flaming Death, the Scourge of the Dark Forest, strikes fear in all who behold him. His body appears to be made of volcanic rock riddled with veins of magma. From tooth to tail he spans 120 feet and his enormous wings spread 80 feet from end to end. His eyes gleam a baleful orange and acidic smoke issues at all times from his nostrils. His chest glows with flames, and few can stand within 10 feet of him and not be forced back by the scorching heat. His breath is hot enough to melt knightly armor into liquid, and the trees of the Dark Forest all bear scorch marks from his passage.

For years, Hellmaw terrorized the countrysides of Partan, raiding farms for livestock and burning down villages for his entertainment. He struck randomly, and it entertained him that people lived in daily horror, speculating that it would be their turn to face his wrath. Many heroes and armies tried to end him once for all, but he would defeat them either through strength or cunning.

This went on for centuries, until one day Hellmaw simply disappeared. As it turned out, he was enslaved by none other than Immortus himself. The evil spirit invaded Hellmaw’s dreams as he slept and thereby learned the dragon’s true name. Immortus then manipulated the dream to create a powerful curse that would bind the dragon as the guardian of his Black Tower.

Henceforth, Hellmaw served to test any would-be adventurer attempting to claim Immortus’s power. But the dragon continues to hate Immortus for taking his freedom and would like nothing better to end his curse. But woe to any good-hearted wizard who obliges him. The dragon would just as quickly breathe fire on his savior, for he hates to be beholden to anyone.