Griffin is One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters


Ruthless as they were beautiful, it became clear throughout the criminal network of the Jian Hai’an: those who messed with the Twins always got paid back double.


Dragons were not the only monsters that brought terror to the skies. Another legendary creature took up that mantle when the great lizards fell: the griffins.

The Griffins have the head, wings, and talons of an eagle and the hindquarters of a lion. This provides them not just with breathtaking speed but also incredible ferocity. A full-grown griffin can dive from the sky, snatch a cow out at pasture, and rip it to shreds in a matter of moments.

Also part of the legend is that griffins possess two magical hearts: that of an eagle and a lion. This makes griffins difficult to kill. In order to truly die, a griffin must be slain twice.

This griffin in question was indeed killed twice by an Oracle king named Caras. The griffin was terrorizing the countryside, and there was little the army could do about it. The king hunted it down and fought it to a standstill with arrows and spears. After three days of fighting, the exhausted Griffin was forced to land. That was when Caras pierced both its hearts with his sword.

The griffin was on the verge of death, but Caras felt so sorry to see such a magnificent creature die that he cast a spell that kept it from slipping into oblivion.

“I have saved you from an eternity of darkness,” he told the Griffin. “I do not have the heart to see you so condemned. If you can live this last few mortal years with true and noble purpose, you may win an immortal soul that can bring you into paradise.”

Intrigued, the griffin accepted his offer and went into his service. After the king died, the Griffin continued to help mortals as a battlefield messenger, its speed, and maneuverability allowing it to evade both missile weapons and magic with ease.

The Griffin no longer attacks people, opting to provide support and save lives instead. But make no mistake–it is still a beast by nature, and some of its hunter’s ferocity still resides in that eagle gaze. Mortals are advised not to trigger it.