Eagle is One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters


The Giant Eagles were once the messengers of generals in the great wars that span Partan’s history. This function made them a target and led to an enormous decline in their numbers.


The giant eagles once crowded the skies of Partan, acting as messengers for cities and rulers. Only the military, nobles, and royalty could afford to train and keep such majestic creatures.

Yet this very function proved to be the source of their own downfall. When war broke out amongst the kingdoms, armies kept a constant effort to bring down giant eagles in order to intercept important missives. The decimation of the eagles made the forest spirits angry, and thus forbade the eagles from ever serving the mortal races.

This has been the case for hundreds of years. But with the outbreak of the new civil war, one eagle has broken this rule.

This nameless eagle has flown hundreds of miles from its sanctuary in the Carassas Mountains to serve as a messenger for the Oracles. No one has summoned it, no one understands why it has opted to risk its life to help heroes. Regardless, the eagle has tirelessly flown in and out of combat, delivering not just messages but supplies, healing potions and other useful items it could carry. Using preternatural speed and agility, it has successfully evaded regular missiles aimed at shooting at down.

Some heroes theorize that this is not actually an eagle, but a lesser spirit like Augustus, who had taken on a human form. But whether this being is a Celestial or Darkborne remains to be seen.