Augustus is One of Oracles Two Super Power Characters

Shin Chen

& Mei Ling

Ruthless as they were beautiful, it became clear throughout the criminal network of the Jian Hai’an: those who messed with the Twins always got paid back double.


Augustus, as he is called in the mortal realm, is a light elemental who hails from the Blessed Realm, home of the Celestials. Before he was sent to Earth, he was a herald for the Celestials, acting as mediator between them and the Darkborn. Having lived a millenia, he knows the secrets of the Great Spirits and is well aware of how the Darkborn works.

Due to the Ebony Pact, the Celestials themselves could not intervene on Partan without consequences. Thus, they selected Augustus as their champion to oppose Immortus.

At first, Augustus disliked his physical body and believed the mortal races were beneath him. Over time, however, he grew to understand and empathize with them despite their various flaws. He now works to guide mortals to the righteous path. Given the chance, he will lend his power to aid a worthy hero so that he may defeat evil and even face Immortus directly. For now, he waits in the Temple of Light for an intrepid adventurer to come, seek for his aid and lead his forces to victory.

In his elemental form, Augustus appears as a floating cylinder of prismatic colors, almost too blinding to see. In his physical form, Augustus resembles a white-robed old man who exudes vitality and whose eyes glow with celestial light. Not only is he adept in physical combat, he can cast magic spells by wielding his staff.

Augustus is above the petty politics of mortal tribes and civilizations; he subscribes to the maxim that one should not worry about their beard when their head is about to taken. The greater threat still lies on the horizon–if Immortus completes his plan, Malach would surely return. Augustus works to thwart and destroy Immortus and bring the realms back into peaceful coexistence.

An ascetic, Augustus does not wish to cause harm and will kill only if he has to. That said, he is arguably the strongest being in Partan, able to face down even dragons with comparative ease. Even Immortus actively chooses to avoid combat with him if at all possible.