Who We Are?

We are a tech startup who happen to be avid fans of board games. The Oracles team have been working hard on developing the concept of a hybrid augmented reality board game. The ability of Oracle in combining the interactive features of a mobile game with the excitement of a tangible conventional board games. Our cutting-edge technology will help you experience an AR board game like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in this incredible journey by being among the first to receive the original edition of this fantastic new board game. Help us bring this dream to reality!

Our Goal & Vision

We have been working on an array of augmented reality powered projects for quite some time now. We have since gained a lot of experience in the world of AR and VR. Sean Toussi, came up with the idea of a “hybrid board game” while playing board games with his friends at a gaming cafe. He found that board games create a high level of social engagement as they bring people together physically and make them interact in the “old fashioned way.” This surely comes as a welcome change for people who rarely meet and greet outside of the virtual worlds of social media and online networks.

To merge the best of both digital and physical worlds of tangible board games is our vision for Oracles.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

More than 30 people have been working relentlessly to help realize this dream. We are taking a comprehensive approach towards preparing the concept design, the rules, and all the way to the game mechanics. Below is our leadership and management team who are responsible for heading the project. In addition, we are also grateful for all the support received from everyone, including our backers.

Sean Toussi

Game Creator 




UI/UX Design


R&D and AR-VR Technology


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